Sune Hilstad


The Swedish Association of Inventors
Sune Hillstad, 62, Managing Director of The Swedish Association of Inventors, LS.F. since 1971, has more than 35 years of experience of the development of inventions both as a negotiator, lecturer and author of a number ofpublished texts; from 1968-1977 he was a board member of the S.U.F. (The Swedish Inventors’ Society) and served as its Chairman between 1998 and 2001; he often served as an arbitrator in the Industry Council of Inventors and is, since 1992, a member ofthe State Council of Employee Inventions, S.N.A.U.
I have seen patients undergoing treatment with Susanne Johansson’s method and also seen the results of a number of treatments.
In my opinion: Susanne Johansson’s method is interesting, primarily because it has as its goal the strengthening of the body’s inherent defence mechanisms. The major successes of Johansson’s treatment are the cases where the patients have overcome their illness through the mobilisation oftheir own resources, that is, through a strengthened immune response of such a magnitude that the illness has been overcome and disappeared. Johansson’s method can, in addition, also be used to augment the effects of other forms of treatment such as radiotherapy and cytostatic therapy in the treatment of cancer.
Malstaby, 2006-03-10
Sune Hilstad