Cell Energy Treatment™—a success story

During the mid-1980s I began to investigate the use of various laser frequencies of visible light in order to affect the body´s immune system and help combat illnes.

Eventually I worked out a procedure which utilised mixed wave lengths of laser light. When infected wounds (nosocomial streptococcal infections) were irradiated in this way, faster healing was observed. — Patients suffering from these slow or non-healing lesions and sores had contacted me and undergone CET™ treatment with excellent results. A number of these infections were already resistant to antibiotics. My invention (CET™– a patented technology as well as a treatment method) demonstrated its ability.

The research was extended into new areas. I started, for example, to apply the CET™ method on dental disorders. When the laser was used to irradiate inflamed jaws (periodontal disease leading to tooth loss) the disease process could be halted.

I experimented with a veterinary application of CET™ at the Solvalla Race Track in Stockholm. This helped to start an interest in new treatment methods in veterinary medicine. I also tested the method´s effect on different types of sports injuries with considerable success.

At the beginning of 1990 the work accelerated. I could try out my method on different types of illnesses, such as; Diabetes, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), Sinusitis and Rheumatic Illnesses. I found that patients with these illnesses quickly improved. Patients with RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) and Multiple Sclerosis showed increased mobility, with fewer incidences of cramps and paralysis. The digestion improved and problems with incontinence were reduced.

The immune system´s effect on cancer was the next important issue. Many cancer patients have, over the years, received CET™ therapy. Most of them were concurrently being treated with traditional methods, such as radiation and cytostatic drugs. In some cases, where CET™ treatment started before the radiation and cytostatic treatment, the course of the illness slowed down much quicker. Another positive thing that I —- noticed, is that negative side effects from traditional treatment such as hair loss, in many cases was considerably reduced or did not occur at all.

At this time I began to understand the effect of the immune defence system on all healing processes in the body.

In patients with proven frontal lobe alterations positive improvements in short term memory function, room orientation, etc were observed. Symptoms, such as double vision and fatigue, which are common in MS patients, ceased to appear.

To be able to document the effect of CET™ treatment on the brain and on nerve cells in patient categories other than those mentioned above; patients with ALS, Parkinson´s Disease, and Dementia, as well as patients with Muscular Dystrophy, were included.

Many patients have been successfully treated for ”untreatable” illnesses/diseases where conventional medicine has not produced satisfactory results.

It is important here to emphasize that these statements are based on empirical observations of and by my patients. The clinical evaluation of the patients´ improvement has been documented by the clinicians responsible for their conventional treatment.

Susanne Johansson