Patient no AN10

BORN : 1952


In November 1997 I underwent surgery as a result of abdominal pain. No one expected that, among the abscesses, a small cancerous tumour encapsulated in what looked like a chicken egg would be found.

After a major, difficult operation where my uterus as well as the vaginal part of the cervix were removed due to cell abnormalities that had previously been found on examination, I lost a lot of blood and received blood transfusions. By mistake, an incision was made in my urinary bladder as it was being moved and I was “in a very bad way” when I regained consciousness.

After a long convalescence, where I spent 3 weeks at the Vidar Clinic in Järna, I also received cytostatic medication that I initially refused but later, against my better judgement, I accepted. At the end of the treatment I just felt “never again”. My body could not take it!

In my weakened state, I began to look around for alternative treatments to help my body and immune system recuperate. I was suffering from permanent, severe, chronic fatigue.

In November 2000 I was informed that I had a secondary tumour (metastasis) the size of a ping-pong ball in the lining of the bowel, which probably originated from the earlier ovarian cancer. I had been having magnetic resonance imaging scans every 4 months, so this secondary tumour had apparently developed very quickly. I was also informed that the lymph glands in my abdomen were enlarged.

I refused puncture and received healing treatment from Mathew Manning in London in January 2001. This retarded the progression of the disease and my lymph glands reverted to their original size. In June of the same year I underwent a further course of treatment in the hope that the tumour would regress, which proved not to be the case. It remained the same size.

I then spent time at a rest home, changed my diet and gradually began to feel better, but the worry about the tumour, which intermittently caused me pain, was still there.

I continued to seek other alternative treatments and during this time I heard about Susanne Johansson and her ECT therapy. I first visited her clinic in February 2002 and received the ECT treatment once a week, to begin with. When my lab test results started to improve and I started feeling better I went down to bi-monthly treatments.

As I write this, the development of the tumour has stagnated and it has slowly started to shrink. I think that I look like the “picture of health”. My hair, which was looking brittle and grey, is looking better and is turning darker. A small spindle-shaped tumour in my liver was found but has since disappeared. My blood test values are perfect!

At the latest MR-scan the tumour measured only 2 x 1.5 cm. I can no longer feel the lesion in my bowel wall! As an added bonus my back problems have decreased, which is also a major relief.