Patient no AN06

BORN : 1952


I have, during my early life, been “like most people”. I’ve had colds and common childhood illnesses. During adolescence I briefly suffered from exercise-induced asthma that cleared up quite quickly. During my late teens I was active in athletics on an elite, national team level.

During national service I contracted an infection in the cartilage in the vertebrae in the lumbar region of my back. I was treated with anti-inflammatory medication and underwent stretching therapy on the “rack”, but did not recover completely. Since that time I have been afflicted by one form of illness after the other. I have had back problems with pain and stiffness and the right side of my back has contracted. I may add that I have exercised intensively over the years.

In 2002 I suffered abdominal pains and cramps and lost over 21 kilos in weight. The doctors suspected a viral infection. In 2004 the doctors believed I had contracted viral meningitis. I experienced cramps in my legs and intense headaches and crystal formation in my balance system. I was confined to bed for 11 months.

As I write this in 2007 I have been working extremely hard, which involves heavy lifting. I fell ill again, it started with cramps in my right calf, lasting for 10 minutes, resulting in ruptures of the muscles. The cramps persisted, with a frequency of several times an hour, for approximately three weeks. I was prescribed high doses of muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory drugs which led to some improvement.

After 6 weeks I started ECT therapy with Susanne Johansson. After three sessions I perceived a slight improvement. After the seventh treatment I could walk without crutches and was free from cramps.

Today, 19th June 2007, I am completely symptom-free and experience neither cramps nor pain. I am also free of my pollen allergy which I have had for 10 years and which has necessitated a lot of medication. The only adverse effect of the treatment I have experienced is increased tiredness 1-2 days after the treatment sessions. I feel great!!!