Patient no AN15

BORN : 1965


I was diagnosed with MS in 1999/2000 and have not been able to walk unaided for 4 years, using a wheelchair to get around since the end of 2008.

In May 2010, I discovered Susanne Johansson’s ECT therapy. At the start of treatment in May, my symptoms were: pins and needles, numbness in hands and feet, digestive system not working effectively, muddled thinking, unable to focus, blurry eyesight, walking was very unsteady, like walking on golf balls.

Initially I had 4 treatments at 4 day intervals and my progress was videoed during this time.

I felt very good and energised after the first treatment, pins and needles were very intense. I was able to move on my own, using the corridor walls as support when needed. Overnight my sleep improved and the next day I could lift my legs off the bed without assistance, something I could not do before the treatment. Spasms were very active, I felt upbeat and was able to exercise, completing 2 lengths in the pool. By the second day, I felt heavy, all the work in the pool taking its toll, but still I felt energised. The second, third, and forth treatments built on the overall progress, my walk down the corridor become more independent not needing the wall so much for support, and I also noticed that of an evening going out for meals I was able to move from the wheelchair and walk to the table unassisted. Indeed by the forth treatment, my legs were straighter when taking my weight. I walked down the corridor totally unsupported. Although my energy was sometimes zapped by the heat and humidity (tropical summer) and by the work I did in the pool, my overall feeling and improvement was good and sleep continued to improve.

Although the energy and good effects would gradually wear down after 4/5 + days (increasing with number of treatments), I have personally experienced that huge improvements were possible and could be built on. For example, I can now feel my feet on the ground, am more steady on my feet, more confident and do not feel as if I would fall over; no more pins and needles; sleep pattern is much better; eyesight and focus in the brain much better; able to argue a point and not be passive.

At this point , I have had 7 treatments and am continuing.

I am pleased with the progress made and would like to share the video taken during my initial treatments, at the start of which, I was in a wheelchair and could not walk unaided.