Patient no AN16

BORN : 1945


I was misdiagnosed twice by a general practitioner doctor as having cystitis. Eventually I was sent for tests at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, England. In July 2008 I was diagnosed with T1 G3 TCC. In August it was upstaged to PT2 G3 with invasion of the prostatic urethra. In September 2008 the diagnosis was that I had a transitional cell carcinoma in the bladder (grade G3PT2).

My wife has always been a follower of complementary therapy. We had read in the paper that a bladder cancer sufferer had not had it return after taking the juice of broccoli, carrot and apple on a daily basis, so that is what I have done every day. Also we cut out red meat, dairy products, alcohol and sugar as well as starting to grow our own organic vegetables and to use mainly organic products in the home. We learnt that green tea helps and I changed to green tea.

The treatment for the cancer was neoadjuvant MVAC chemotherapy. I tolerated this well, always having acupuncture treatment prior to going to hospital for the chemo. I was also being treated with Vitamin C infusions by a private doctor who also recommended supplements to alkalise my diet. The uro-surgeons suggested that I have radical surgery, removal of the bladder and rerouting the ureters via intestine tubing which they would cut from me to route to an external bag. The suggestion of this radical approach filled me and my wife with horror, and determined that we would accept radiotherapy rather than go down the radical surgery route.

I have to say that I generally felt fine, except at the beginning when I had to urinate little and often. I survived the radiotherapy again relying on acupuncture to alleviate the effects.

Subsequent scans and internal examination showed the cancer had disappeared. But on a routine MRI scan in Dec 2009 it was found that a tumour had appeared in a lymph node in my groin. The tumour doubled in size in one month and I was told it was very fast growing and that it was incurable and that I had a limited life expectancy.

At that time my private doctor mentioned Suzanne’s light treatment, so we went to Stockholm in January 2010 for the first two treatments. In Feb 20 I commenced a series of twelve GemTaxol Chemotherapy. I suffered no side effects apart from headaches which my wife cured with Reiki. The tumour has since reduced in size and since I have been having ECT on a fairly regular basis.

MRI scans show the tumour is stable and unchanged in size with no further hospital treatment. Since starting the treatment my general health and energy levels have improved enormously. Even while having chemotherapy I ate extremely well and continued my walking regime of 4-5 km a day. That has been the position over the last half of 2010. My last MRI scan in Dec 2010 showed the lymph tumour to be still stable and in January 2011 I had an endoscopy examination of the bladder and there is no sign of cancer there and the damage due to the radiotherapy seems to have diminished.

Thanks Suzanne, I feel great!