Patient no AN05

BORN : 1946


I was first diagnosed in late October 2003, a malignant tumour in the left breast, 1.4cm, a Ductal carcinoma NOS, Grade 3, ER negative ~ I changed my diet, did more exercise, had Scenar treatment and in November had a partial mastectomy at The London Clinic. There were no metastases but the operation left me with a 3inch scar and a channel across the top of the breast that you could easily lay a forefinger in.

In January 2004, I had 6 weeks of radiation treatment at The Harley St. Clinic, but no chemotherapy …… the radiologist checked a “doctors only” web site that records thousands of cases internationally and found that chemo was only 1% and 3% likely to be effective, given my situation. All was well for 5 years, I kept up my “healthy living” regime for the first 6 months and then reverted back to type!

In early September 2008, I was diagnosed for the 2nd time with Breast Cancer in the same breast at Salisbury Hospital, following an examination, an ultrasound and a core needle biopsy – the results showed a Grade 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma as before, but ER positive … this time on the underside of the breast, measuring 2.5cm (but 2.9cm following the biopsy ….. the only recommendation was for a complete mastectomy, followed by chemotherapy … no option for radiation as this had already been tried and could not be repeated. A CT staging scan showed it had not spread.

I immediately changed my diet, cutting out all sugars, dairy and alcohol, walked daily/weekly,  organised a regime of homeopathic treatments, learnt Reiki, Yoga and joined The Health Creation Programme run by Dr. Rosy Daniel, a cancer specialist working in integrated medicine. I also had my first ECT treatment in September 2008 and decided not to have the conventional treatment on offer at Salisbury Hospital under the NHS. I had 3 ultra sounds in total & 2 CT scans before leaving the conventional treatment behind, during which time  and by the end of November, the tumour had grown to 5cm at least. I considered a removal of the mass by a new keyhole surgery technique pioneered by a Japanese/American doctor in London, but he said the tumour had grown to 6.2 cm and needed chemo to shrink it before he could operate.

This was the most difficult time for me ~ I had by then had 9 ECT treatments and Susanne had told me that things were reacting well with the treatment, despite the growth in size.

At the beginning of December 2008, the hospital oncologist explained that the procedure was currently a simple mastectomy but it could ulcerate or by April/May 2009, it could double in size if nothing was done. She also said the procedure by then would be a radical mastectomy with the most probable outcome that it would have spread. She prescribed Arimidex but I did not take this. Pre Xmas, I had a further CT scan, no movement and no growth in the tumour.

After 29 ECT treatments, in late May 2009 my blood test for evidence of breast cancer was 18 (the safe zone is between 0 & 25) and a further test which would show spread to the ovaries etc. showed 7 (the safe zone is between 0 & 35).

Further blood tests for evidence of breast cancer in August & December 2009, showed 20 & 18 respectively.

As I write this report in March 2010, definite changes have taken place with the tumour & since May 2009, I have only had ECT (no special diets or pills) …. the mass has changed shape, changed position, reduced slightly in size & ulcerated in one small area but is not a problem to me…. better out than in! The shape of the affected breast is moving back towards it’s original shape, I no longer have a “channel“ across the top, just space for a finger tip! Added to this, a long keyloid scar across my torso from a gall bladder operation 20 years ago has faded in every part and my nails have improved & strengthened.

I am fit, have plenty of energy and am well enough to travel extensively and continue my consultancy work … I will continue working with Susanne and the aim is to achieve a 0 in the blood test and to completely restore the shape of the breast.

I have not returned to the hospital but intend to advise the oncologist of the results to date…. my local doctor knows my blood test results, but has no comment to make so far!