Patient no AN19

BORN : 1962


Late November 2005 I was diagnosed at Sophiahemmet Hospital in Stockholm with an aggressive inflammatory cancer (low ecogenic tumor areas over 1 cm containing micro calcifications) in my left breast.

Referred to Karolinska Hospital I was immediately treated with chemotherapy (4 times with dFEC and 3 times with Epirubucin & Taxotere). Neither treatment combinations succeeded in killing the cancer but made it possible to operate. In April 2006 my left breast was removed as well as 8 lymphoma glands of which 5 contained viable cancer cells. As soon as the scar from the surgery had healed I received radiation treatment 5 days a week during a four week period.

During the following three years I was medicated with Aridimex, Nolvadex, Tamoxifen, and Femar, not all at the same time but according to my periods and subsequent menopause. I felt physically and mentally strong, led a healthy life, worked, frequented a gym and looked healthy. I went on fairly frequent checks – every trimester.

However, three years (May 2010) after surgery a not equally aggressive metastase found on right side of pelvis. New medication prescribed was Zoladex. The metastase stopped growing for nine months when afterwards new metastase was found on the left side of pelvis skeleton (this time much larger (8.5 cm) as well as a small dot in the right lung (not confirmed as cancer).

First recommended treatment choice was Paxene or Avastine, second choice was Xeloda. The side effects from Paxene/Avastine were predicted to be as bad as previous chemotherapy including hair loss and deterioration of immune defense system. I opted for Xeloda. During the following 12 months both first hand choices were withdrawn (Paxene completely in EU and Avastine for treatment of breast metastase in the US) from the market by regulatory authorities.

In June 2010, in parallel with the Xeloda treatment, I started receiving Susanne Johansson’s ECT treatment every week for a whole year.  The first 5 times after ECT treatment an unfamiliar warm sensation in the metastase area would last for sometimes up to 20 minutes. An on-and-off feeling of something going on still continues around the pelvis and hip areas which I now attribute to as “a healing process”. The side effects of Xeloda were considered by my doctor as minimal, the reason being I believe is because of the ECT treatment. Every three weeks since June 2010 I have taken blood tests (looking at the 20 most important variables) and have been more or less excellent!

Two examinations (August and October 2010) showed that the metastase had significantly regressed. From June 2011 I received ECT treatment every second week and will continue to do so for at least another year. Another examination (a PET/CT scan) in August 2011 showed “findings as in complete remission”! I believe that the ECT treatment is the reason for these fantastic results and I would strongly recommend everyone diagnosed with cancer to try ECT.