Patient no 9

BORN : 1983


I was diagnosed with Lupus / SLE when I was 17. I had a rash over my cheeks and nose, I had lost my appetite, felt very tired and had lost a lot of hair before I got the diagnosis. In addition my hands, knees, arms and legs were swollen.

At first I visited a private doctor, a dermatologist; but he referred me to a specialist in rheumatology who gave me cortisone and anti-malaria pills (artificial quinine). However, I stopped taking these pills because of side effects including headache. My disease was in remission for two years with painful episodes now and then, but became more manageable. However, my symptoms worsened when I got a kidney infection. My doctors prescribed more cortisone and increased my daily dose from 5-7 milligrams to 30 milligrams.

During the last 18 months I have also received Energy Cell Treatment (ECT). The first 7 months I received the treatment once a week. Then we changed to twice a month. Late last year (2003) I had blood tests showing that my immune system was performing well.

Regarding my present medication (at March 2004), I now take Imurel, a low dose type of chemotherapy, which I have taken since April 2003. I also take a low dose cortisone tablet (7mg) which I plan to reduce further during the coming 3 months. I also feel I might stop taking Imurel in due course, an initiative my ECT therapist supports.

I am very pleased with my treatment results from Energy Cell Treatment and I am happy to be able to ride horses competitively!

Current situation as at Dec.2009 ~ at university & doing well.