Patient no AN07

BORN : 1952


Diagnosis: Urinary tract infections, renal infection. I sought advice from urologists at Sofiahemmet (private hospital), Danderyd Hospital and Södersjukhuset Hospital. I was treated with local and general antibiotics and painkillers. I was severely depressed due to the pain and felt totally hopeless. I was introduced to Energy Cell Treatment and Susanne Johansson through a friend.

I started ECT treatment of the urinary tract and kidneys after several years of suffering. I had consulted several urologists and GPs and had taken penicillin for many years with no improvement. After a few ECT sessions I experienced no adverse side effects, but some positive effects on my digestion and a marked improvement in my general well being.

I visited Susanne with a major injury to the upper back, the result of an accident. I was in poor shape when I first met Susanne, in great pain, with insomnia, lack of appetite and suffering severe stress. My greatest wish is that other women with urinary tract problems could be helped by this treatment as I was in severe pain when I first contacted Susanne.

Thanks to ECT therapy, I have regained an active life with a greatly improved mobility of my back. The treatment induced healing of my spine, where two vertebrae were misaligned, and the muscles and nerves surrounding the injury slowly started to heal. I had suffered chronic headaches which slowly began to abate and, after several treatments, my back healed. Today I have regained mobility in my back.

ECT greatly improved my kidney condition and led to the disappearance of bacteria in my urine. I experienced no discomfort in urinating and after further ECT treatment the pain in my kidneys and urinary tract disappeared. I began to feel stronger and have only suffered a few reoccurrences of urinary tract discomfort that have cleared up spontaneously with no medication.

I know how difficult it is and how helpless it makes you feel when you have tried most treatment methods for these problems to no effect. ECT treatments can perform miracles. I have personal experience of this and I am eternally grateful for the treatment.