Patient no 46

BORN : 1961


The first symptoms occurred in December 2008 with itching under the breasts. This developed until in March 2009 it was over my whole body and unbearable. In April 2009 my skin and eye white became yellow and on 14th April 2009 I was diagnosed by the VU Medical Center in Amsterdam with pancreatic cancer. I was told that no cure or treatment for pancreatic cancer existed and that the only hope I had was a so-called whipple operation. By then I had lost 8 kilo’s in weight. In May 2009 I had an unsuccesful whipple operation, the tumor had already grown into a major bloodvessel. In June 2009 I started with six weeks of chemo and radiotherapy, followed by months of chemotherapy only. Radiotherapy can kill cancer cells and by that reduce the tumor in size. If effective chemotherapy can only stop the growth of the tumor for a limited period of time but can never shrink it. I also went for a second opinion to the Daniel den Hoed Hospital in Rotterdam and they confirmed the diagnosis and the fact that no cure or treatment for pancreatic cancer existed.

Via friends in Sweden I got into contact with Susanne and one of her patients, who was extremely enthusiastic about the ECT treatment and it’s results for him. In July 2009 I started with the ECT treatment and I felt more energetic after each and every treatment. In January 2010 my doctor told me that the tumor had reduced in size, in Februari 2010 I decided to stop with the chemotherapy. Since then I have weekly ECT treatments only.

In April 2010 I had another CT Scan and again the tumor was reduced in size, a miracle! My oncologist confirmed that I was one of the ‘lucky few’.

I am convinced that the tumor is shrinking due to the ECT treatment, a very special massage and my trust in the healing process. The ECT treatment has helped me to recover faster from the operation, the radiation and the chemotherapy.  I have noticed that the operation scar (20+ centimeters) is healing very well and I believe that also with this the ECT treatment helped a lot.

In January 2011 s stent was placed in the connection that was made during the surgery of May because it was blocked and the bile could not reach my colon anymore. That operation was successful.

In August 2010 a narrowing in my colon was seen on the CT scan and since then my colon problems increased in severity. In August 2011 a stoma was placed because a part of my colon was completely blocked. The CT Scan showed spots that were according to the doctors metastases, a biopsy showed that I have tumorcells in my belly area. In Spetember 2011 I will start with a new round of chemotherapy and I count on the positive contribution of the ECT Treatment to suffer as less as possible of the chemo therapy. After that I will continue with the ECT treatment only, it brought me a lot of quality time.