Cell Energy Treatment™

We all know that the immune system can heal disease and we have all experienced this many times. It is our belief that the only thing that can cure disease is our immune system. What do all diseases have in common? A disorder of communication in the cell system.

Normally, we try to attack  & destroy the disease, whereas the Cell Energy Treatment™  philosophy is to build up the strengths of the body in order to combat the disease, rather than simply attack the symptoms.

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We need a more holistic view and greater understanding of what influences the unique human immune system. Only then will we appreciate how fundamental our immune system is to all the body’s healing processes. Having observed so many patients, over the years, I have come to the conclusion that the influence of the environment on the immune system is at least of equal importance to that of genetics.”

Susanne Johansson

Important notice: Cell Energy Treatment™ does not promise to cure any disease nor substitutes medical treatments. Always contact a medical specialist to treat diseases.